A silver lining on the outside world

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Filter is found in the no-man’s-land between art and product design. With handmade paper every piece is unique and can be used as a light screen in your window or a sculptural decoration. When light hits the screen it glows up making outside an inside blend together. 

Filter is solely made out of pine. The paper is crafted of the inner bark and the frame is made out of high quality pine wood. In this way Filter becomes a demonstrator of pine as a material and its characteristics.


- Dimensions: 

- Materials:

- Colour/surface:

- Shipping dimensions: 

height - 390 mm
width - 410 mm
depth - 120 mm


no surface treatment

height - na mm
width - na mm
depth - na mm



- Wood

As wood is a living material with a great range of variations in color and graining, every piece is unique. The longevity of every piece depends on the treatment of the wood and its species hardness. 

- Wood surfacing

This product has not been surface treated. The surface may therefore be sensitive to stains.  

Do not surface this product.

- The frame

Be careful with the frame and do not flex or bend it as it may cause the paper to loosen or crack.
The frame is not glued together but will hold togheter as long as it is treated carefully.

- Paper

The paper is fragile. Especially around the open areas in the corners. Be carefulle while moving it around and do not leave it infront of an open window. 

1,600.00 SEK