The Mycelium room

During the last couple of weeks Erik and Martin has been working hard on completing the "clean room" that we started to build ages ago. This to be able to further develop our work with mycelium. Mycelium is the roots of mushroom and we will try to use this as the binder in a construction. As some of you might know we have been working with mycelium before.

It all started out with our intern Sophie Thurner from the University of Applied Science in Dresden who provided us with the idea of using mycelium as the "binder" in a mixture of wooden sticks, sawdust, oatmeal and water. This to be able to "grow" any kind of shape and form and to use it as one of our materials. After the first test we have been putting the project on hold due to the initially quite high investments to get the growing environment as clean as we needed.
We have after this applied to a scholarship through Kulturbryggan and we now have the funds to create the environment and start growing mycelium. 

We have gotten a lot of help initially in this project and we would like to take the opportunity to thank Gunilla and AnnaKarin for their work and also Stefan Lysén for all the information and help regarding ventilation and filtration. Right now we are just completing the first batch of sterilizing all the equipment that we will use and also the first batch of mixture that the mycelium will grow in. This is done in a autoclave, a sort of high pressure cooker that steams the content and kills all the bacteria, spores of mold and other possible contamination.

After this we will introduce the mycelium to the mixture and hopefully we will soon see a growth.  In our room we have a permanent circulation of air that runs through filters. We also keep the room in a constant over pressure to avoid contamination from possible air coming in from leakages. On the outside of the room we have a dehumidifier and an air filter to avoid humid air filled with mushroom spores to spread in the house. In the room right now we have a temperature of just over 22 degrees Celsius and a humidity of 80% which is just about the environment that oyster mushroom thrives in.  As soon as we have some results from this we will share it with you and if you want some more frequent updates please follow us on Instagram @LithLithLundin

Woad harvest

As the summer continues we are harvesting our woad. The seeds are turning brown/grey and are now ready to be hung up to dry. We do this to ensure that we are able to grow a bigger area of woad next year to be able to make bigger test of the blue indigo colour. We have been sowing woad for some years now and we have each year been able to collect more seeds to gradually expand our cultivation.

Those of you who follow us on instagram know that we had an intern last weak. Simon is a student at the university of Gävle and is this autumn starting hes senior year as a Industrial Design student. This program is focused on a sustainable future and Simon experimentet with burning fresh wood and he had some really interesting points and ideas.

Last Sunday we where portraited by one of the local newspapers for their summer stories. The text and videos are all in Swedish but you can get a short glimpse of what we are workning on right now and the current mess at our office. Follow this link to read the article ""

Roundabout Baltic

We are taking part in an exhibition that opens tomorrow in Malmö. It’s a visual tale about designs relationship to nature with contemporary design from Poland, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden and Germany, all countries with coast towards the Baltic Sea. The exhibition is held at Form/Design Center, Lilla torg 9 in Malmö. Please visit for more information.

The curator is Agnleszka Jaconson-Clelecka and the main organizer is the Regional Museum in Stalowa Wola, Poland.

The exhibition will also be showed at the Estonian Museum of Applied Arts and Design in Tallin from the 8:th of October until the 28:th of December 2016.

Participating exhibitors:

Alicja Patanowska PL, Anki Gneib SE, Anna Bera PL, Anne Lorenz DE, Annike Laigo EE, Audrone Drungilaite LT, Chmara Rosinke PL/AT, Chudy and Grase LT/DE, Com-pa-ny FI, Derelict Furniture EE, Fredrik Paulssen SE, Grynasz Studio PL, Hanna Krueger DE, Jenny Ekdahl SE, Johanna Tammsalau EE, Jonas Edvard DK, Justyna Poplawska PL/DK, Karin Carlander DK, Kosmos Project PL, Lisa Hilland SE, Lith Lith Lundin SE, Lucas Dahlen SE, Maija Puoskari FI, Malafor PL, Mara Skujeniece LV, Mare Klepman EE, Maria Kristofersson SE, Marija Puipaite LT, Meike Harde DE, Mikko Laakkonen FI, Milena Krais DE, Modus Design PL, Monica Förster SE, Olga Bielawska PL/DE, Pia Wustenberg FI/DE, Petra Lilja SE, Raili Keiv EE, Rikke Frost DK, Sampling LV, Sebastian Jansson FI, Silvia Knueppel DE, Silvija Juozelskyte LT, Studio Fem DK, Toivo Raidmets EE, Variant Studio LV, 1+1+1 Nordic Mash-Up SE/FI/IS