Ergonomic seating, perhaps for the occasional spot of social hunting

8,900.00 SEK

Glimm is an interpretation of the classic hunting stool, now for contemporary spaces, where the hunting of prey has been replaced by social games and conversations. When seated on Glimm you project strength and calm through the straight, relaxed and active sitting position generated by the design of the stool. Glimm is a perfect example of how simple components create a complex pattern with a floating appearance and unexpected strength.
Glimm is a stool for use with a high desk or bar, or for sitting on when peeling potatoes over the sink.

Material - birch, leather
Color - natural, black (carbon-black)
Finishing - linseed-oil, egg-oil tempera

Will be delivered in easy-to-assemble kits


8,900.00 SEK incl. vat


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13,900.00 SEK incl. vat