Ergonomic seating, perhaps for the occasional spot of social hunting

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Glimm is an interpretation of the classic hunting stool, now for contemporary spaces, where the hunting of prey has been replaced by social games and conversations.
When seated on Glimm you project strength and calm through the straight, relaxed and active sitting position generated by the design of the stool.
Glimm is a perfect example of how simple components create a complex pattern with a floating appearance and unexpected strength.

Glimm is a stool for use at a high desk or bar, or maybe for sitting on when peeling potatoes over the sink.

- Dimensions: 

- Materials:

- Colour/surface:

- Shipping dimensions: 

height - 670 mm
width - 410 mm
depth - 410 mm

3.5 mm thick, flat leather

carbon black egg-oil tempera, oilvax
linseed-oil, oilvax

height - 45 mm
width - 830 mm
depth - 380 mm

Devivered in easy-to-assemble kits

If not in stock it will be manufactured upon order and shipped in 4-8 weeks depending on surface treatment.

- Wood
As wood is a living material with a great range of variations in color and graining, every piece is unique. The longevity of every piece depends on the treatment of the wood and its species hardness. 

Avoid placing the product in direct sunlight as wood is a living material that absorbs and releases moisture. Cracks may appear when the furniture is exposed to a dry or hot environment. If the furniture is exposed to direct sunlight it may fade. If you have any spillages, wipe them off immediately to avoid staining your furniture.

- Wood surfaces treated with linseed oil or oil wax
Depending on the type of wood, ways of use, humidity and temperature, the frequency and method of maintenance will be different. A new piece of furniture needs more love and care but as it gets older it will become less demanding. If treated with oil, your furniture is protected with two layers of oil or oil wax. Apply another layer of oil or oil wax when necessary, usually once a year but preferably more frequently in the beginning.

Do not put oil or fat on the parts made out of leather.

Use a cloth when applying the oil and do not soak the furniture. After approximately 15 minutes, use a dry cloth to wipe the surface until dry. After about 24 hours, if needed, use a new cloth and dry it once more.

Linseed oil may self-ignite. Objects that have been in contact with linseed oil should afterwards be burned in a stove or soaked in water and put in an airtight container, for example a plastic bag.

- Egg oil tempera painted wood
If the item is painted, bear in mind that it will take a couple of months before the paint has fully hardened, and it should be handled with care during this time period.

Be careful with alcohol, grease and other solvents as well as hot objects around your furniture.

If you get a stain on your egg oil tempera painted furniture, use a sponge and a mild cleanser and try to dab the stain. Afterwards you can brush the surface with a paint brush to try to get the same gloss.

Since egg oil tempera includes linseed oil it could self-ignite.See the instructions under “Caution” above.

- Leather
Like wood, leather is also a living material and variations in color and shape may occur. Leather should not be placed close to a source of heat or in direct sunlight as it might fade.

Do not add any oil or fat to the leather. This will make the leather stretch and ultimately ruin the stability of your furniture.

- Spare parts
If the leather or any wooden part of your furniture breaks, or you for any other reason would want to replace it, we supply spare parts so that you do not have to throw the furniture away or buy a brand new one.

7 900,00 SEK